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Who we are

Lavery is a band that grows and shines with the energies created by both the performers and the audience. It's a living breathing organism, fronted by the fantastic Anelise Furkin, whose powerful and unique voice guides their punchy but mature style. The Dublin based collective is on the rise, growing and evolving with every performance, featuring an instrumental line-up of:

Anelise Furkin - Vocal

Taylor Bailey - Guitar

Aido Kimura Mooney- Bass

Kaelan Zipoli - Piano 

Keith “KJ” Jordan - Drums

Richard Ng - Alto Saxophone

Rory Fleming - Tenor Saxophone

Martin Farrelly - Trombone


Their Influences come from jazz, neo-soul and samba - but don't expect anything to sound like it "should".

”We are a collective who collects. Musicians, sounds, ideas, all are welcome. No two shows will ever be alike; no song will ever be performed the same way. The vibe is set to simmer, with a chance of outbursts of joy."

"Lavery seems a gentle, ethereal, modern group with singing that gives a good glide to "The Mist's" unusual melody. The music takes interesting turns for a rewarding, tuneful trip." 

Biz Bisard (Jazz Music Director ), WNMC 90.7 FM, USA

“Lavery’s ‘The Mist’ is tasteful jazz fusion led by Anelise Furkin’s sultry lead vocal."

Jim Motavalli, WPKN 89.5 FM, USA

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